2013: The Year of Originality

Originality is priceless, and rather than being discouraged as so often in the past, the awakening ones are experiencing the absolute joy and beauty of its expression. On no account wait for others to awaken before you begin your journey to joy.

Throughout 2013 a new transparency will call evil people and organisations out. It is already happening, and in some cases it is surprising who is being called to account. Absolute transparency allows all to be seen for the true actions at all points on the scale of pure evil to pure love.

Read this article differently by taking time to measure yourself up against each of these words and their nuances. How do you comprehend ‘originality’, and do you wish to develop yours more?

2013 is the time of the Original Ones – the innovator, the risk-taker, the peacemaker, the passionate artist, the enlightened parent, the beneficent inventor, the compassionate leader, the wisdom keeper, the considerate creative and co-creative, and the gifted teachers and healers. As more and more of us exercise our originality, the fields are now growing tall poppies of a variety that resists mowing! ~ no longer to be clipped or have their genius trampled on. As more absorb more light the tall poppies are being cherished, and soon, their skillfulness and exceptionality will become the new enlightened ‘status quo’.

Love, gratitude, grace, acknowledgment, and trust enable us to access and co-create infinite and glorious new realities. As all events are happening in the present moment, we release the past and the future leaving behind the hologram of the illusion we have been living in, to merge with The Real where honesty, synchronicites and miracles are natural parts of life.

Greater renewal is gained by focusing upon limitless love, expansion, unity and Oneness and unimaginable joy is the reward. It is fitting that 2013 is the year of the snake, symbolised by the ouroboros, which is constantly recreating itself. A new cosmic cycle is upon us and as we rise in our largesse throughout 2013, we become like the ouroboros welcoming constant change and new endings and beginnings. Choose to be Original with a capital O.


‘Humanity is in the midst of transforming, and a new unity consciousness is emerging. In future history this era may be viewed as an age of a monumental Spiritual Renaissance.’ ~ Cedar

The evolution from dense homo-sapien to spiritualised homo-luminous may indeed be challenging. Be very discerning always, and open and flexible where appropriate and safe. This is a long and never-ending journey with constant arrivals and departures, and it is a privilege, and humbling to witness and be a part of the massively transformational changes occurring on earth at this time.

Undeniably, there are still millions suffering a dark age in their lives that they may or may not emerge from in the years to come. Millions, perhaps billions still live in desperation and abuse under the yoke of modern day, low frequency despots. The overwhelming problems on the world stage are obvious and well-documented, yet unexpected solutions may come out of the blue to rectify even seemingly insurmountable problems. These constructive solutions will not take as long as logic and linear time would have us believe. Although linear time still exists in third dimensional reality, we have risen in awareness, and with diligence, more will experience their true spiritual nature allowing access to their own multidimensionality and to other realms of existence.

Radical changes in time alter our lives forever as a consequence. We are now simultaneously dwelling in quantum time or the ‘no-time’ of eternal time. This also brings up the question of how we will work with calendars, diaries and clocks in our daily working lives in this new era of timelessness.

How to Begin

originality – What are your true origins, and how have they influenced your life?

inventiveness – Will you design a common sense, artistic, or technological invention?

ingenuity – Will you go deeper through to completion after having your initial original idea?

creativity – What new interests bring you great joy?

innovation – When will you bring your unique innovations to life?

novelty – What is fresh in your thinking and understanding?

freshness – Are you willing to venture into new areas of interests?

imagination – How can you exercise your imagination more?

individuality – How do you express your individuality?

unconventionality – Do you to go beyond complying to the status quo of the masses?

uniqueness – What personal interests and talents have you already birthed?

distinctiveness – What are the qualities and talents that make you distinctively you?

μέσω 2013: The Year of Originality | Wake Up World.


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